City Morning Adventures 2

Hi Guys!  I hope you had a good weekend.  I can't say mine was bad as I enjoyed a beautiful walk in the city park this weekend; however, the weekend wasn't very relaxing either. Now that everyone is gone to work and to school I am going to take a nice warm bath and drink a cup of peppermint hot cocoa.  Don't tell anyone!  I am finding that while the kids are easier in some ways, they are harder in others.  For example, they can all brush their own teeth now, get dressed, and make their beds; however, they don't go to bed as early as their dad and I would like leaving us slightly stressed.  Maybe, we need to come up with some reward incentives to keep them all in their beds including the teenagers.   I spent a morning in the city again this week. I  have an upcoming photoshoot and needed to find just the right locations for the shoot.  I stopped first buy Donut Revolution.  I enjoyed a yummy gluten-free donut made with almond flour and topped with chocolate frosting and hazelnuts while getting a caramel bacon donut for my son.  Yummy!  Afterward, I walked around the Krog City Market located in Inman Park and along the Atlanta Beltline.  The Beltline is a 10.9 trail that runs the length of the city connecting multiple neighborhoods together with plans to extend it another 11 miles or so to make it 22 miles.  It is a really fun trail with lots of graffiti art and restaurants along the way.  If you ever come to Atlanta, it is definitely worth taking the time to walk.


magnoliasntea said…
It's good to know there are gluten free donuts out there. Love the fish mural, and I actually like the overpass supports painted.
Have a lovely week!
I just love wall paintings in a city - makes it more exciting and beautiful
Junieper/Jesh said…
Embellished walls I don't mind at all! Of course there is one caveat, there are always a few that are not one's own taste. So glad there was a doughnut shop, a great reward for a walk::) Understand the stress. I give them a choice: obey or not obey. Both have a consequence. I "ignore" what they want! It's a training for later in society, school, job, etc.) The stressful side of parenting - wishing you will come out on top, every time! Have a lovely week:)
NCSue said…
What a great place! Love the art.
Thanks for sharing at
italiafinlandia said…
What a colourful variety of murals!
The butterfly is my favourite.
betty-NZ said…
If you ever figure out the teenagers, please let the world know!! LOL

The urban artwork is so well done! Thanks for sharing these great pieces of art.

My Corner of the World
Lots of lovely wall art. I liked the bridge supports. It was nice to see them not covered in gang graffiti. - Margy
William Kendall said…
The rhino sculpture is neat.

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