Run Winston Run

After spending most of his childhood playing soccer, 3 years ago Winston switched to cross country running and it has been a wonderful experience for him.  While he has spent some of that time on the sidelines with injury; overall, the experience for him has been a positive one and we are glad he had the desire to join the team.  He feels like running has been a great experience in learning how to be consistent and not giving up. Last week, we celebrated with Winston and his team for a successful running season. While he may not have won any medals or set any records, we feel like he is a winner.  It is not easy to show up every day when the temperatures are in the '90s or on days when it is pouring rain, but showing up is what he did and that is what matters.  Love you,  Winston!  We are so proud of you!


italiafinlandia said…
...and I like the name Winston.
Well done! You must be so proud.
Anonymous said…
A dedicated member of the team. Highly motivated and valued team member. Outstanding. Susan
Running takes determination of the will! Two of my kids when in high school - did running. Sorry for the difficult weather to run in. Wish him success from All Seasons! Great post Kelleyn!
About your comment (thank you!) After taking showers in the other bathroom where the towels are in the hall, I knew having towels in the same space would be a great asset! Have a great Thanksgiving with your family this week! Jesh

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