Adoption Reunion

2 1/2 years ago, we embarked on a journey to bring Ivy home from China.  Actually, the journey began 14 months before that, but in March of 2016, we had finally received travel authorization to bring this precious little girl home. At that time 17 families traveled at the same time as we did.  What we didn't know when we departed was that not only would we gain a new family member, but we also gained a new family of friends.  Those who have never gone through this process probably can never understand how in 18 days we could all become so close, but that is exactly what happened.  As one dad over the weekend expressed through his tears and his laughter he can still hear the sound bites in his head.  We shared laughter and tears and while some may believe it was just coincidence that we all traveled at the same time, we like to believe that it was God who put us into each other's lives. What is also amazing is that while many of us have not seen each other for a year or in some cases 2 it is like we have never been apart.  Even more, a miracle is that the children over the 2 days played beautifully with one another.   No one was left out and no tears were shed.  Sadly, a few families could not make the trip, but we hope as we continue to meet over the years that they will be able to join us in the future.

We met a year and 1/2 ago in Chattanooga, Tennessee and this time around we met in Nashville.  The first day we met at Angela's house just before lunch where the dads went off to play golf and the moms talked while the children played.  The children had a blast riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline, painting rocks, blowing bubbles, running through the sprinklers, cracking open the pinata, playing in the jumpy house, playing kickball against the dads, and even a good old fashing potato sack race.  We enjoyed a wonderful dinner catered by Moe's and who doesn't love a good old taco bar.  Yummy!  On the second day, we met at Kings Chapel which is this almost 200-year-old chapel where we worshiped together. Traci was the officiant, I gave the opening prayer, Carson played a couple of religious songs followed by talks by Laura and Elizabeth and Brandon concluded by the children singing Jesus loves me.  So precious!  Then we moved the program over to Traci's pool where the children enjoyed the day in the pool and Traci's family made pulled pork sandwiches and a huge spread of food for us all to enjoy.  We concluded our trip at the Winery down the street where the children played on the lawn while we enjoyed listening to Blue Grass music.  The week was simply magical.

Below is just a glimpse into the weekend.  Sorry in advance for the photo dump.


DUTA said…
It looks like you were all having a lot of fun. Great, versatile photos!
I wish the adopted kids and the adoptee families lots of luck! Life can sometimes be tough with society not easily accepting the other and the different.
kidcandoodle said…
So many faces! What wonderful memories :)
Junieper2 said…
So many happy moments caught, Kelleyn - you did a great job including everyone - hard to do when so many people are there at the same time! Am happy with you guys for the love of lives in your families! Many thanks for sharing this happy event with All Seasons!!
Junieper/Jesh StG
NCSue said…
Wonderful, inspiring, joyful photos!
Thanks for linking up at
Buckeroomama said…
That is so lovely that all of you still get together. Makes for precious memories (and also to build new ones)!
William Kendall said…
Wonderful shots, and quite a story!

In regards to your comment, my header image was taken last year here in the area, an event called MosaiCanada which was put on for the country's 150th anniversary. It's been repeated this year as well.
What a heartwarming post!! Nice to see all those families keeping in touch, and enjoying time together - the kids look so happy!!
Lady Fi said…
What a lovely reunion... Our kids are adopted from South African, but no longer want to go the reunion organized by our little group because it is now so big. But we still meet up with people who adopted at the same time as us. So nice for your daughter to stay connected - and for you too.
Birgitta said…
Very nice and happy photos :)
So lovely to see everyone smiling and happy, really touched my heart.
This is the best photo dump of smiling faces ever - you are all truly amazing. It is great that you can continue your special bond and connections throughout the years. It must take a huge amount of planning and organising for you all to get together. The world needs more families like yours.
Wren x
carol l mckenna said…
So many wonderful and happy shots ~ and post filled with Love!

Happy Day to you,
A ShutterBug Explores
Wonderful experience for the kids and parents!

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