Oh my!  I can barely keep my eyes open, but it has been a wonderful day minus my friend Buffi who is sick with the flu. Poor thing! My friends arrived yesterday.  After tucking Buffi into bed and waiting for the girls to get home from school we drove into the city to explore the Palmengartens.  The playground was a big hit with the girls and I really loved looking at all the differences in the plants on display. Built-in 1871 by Heinrich Siesmeyer the botanical garden is really one of the cities real treasures.  It is well worth the visit whether it be in summer or winter  Have a great weekend!


This looks like a beautiful and very colorful and interesting place to explore.
A beautiful place to visit and the girls seem to be enjoying the sights
Villrose said…
The right place to go right now!
Jeanna said…
A beautiful get away for sure. Sorry your friend got sick, lots of flu going around here. Everyone looks pretty healthy and happy to be there. Love the statue that looks as if it's being taken over by the greenery.
Christa said…
What a great garden with interesting plants. Thank you for sharing your visit. Have a nice week.
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful palm garden! Can imagine that in Germany with a colder climate they must care for it a lot more than the one I know in California:) Great you could go with the kids! Also love the snow drops!
Thank you for your interesting post, Kelleyn and sharing it with All Seasons! Have a lovely week, Blog Friend:)
Angie said…
Your flower close-ups are so delicate - I felt like I could reach through my computer and touch them. This looks like the perfect place to visit on a winter day. The girls certainly are having a good time!
Deborah said…
So funny to see all these images of my husband's childhood hounds :-)

Love Palmengarten! DId you make it to cafe Siessmeier next door - the one with the amazing cakes?


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