January Movie Review

I am almost ashamed at the number of movies I have seen in the last couple of weeks. While I do enjoy going to the movies or watching a movie at home, I can't remember ever watching this many in such a short time frame. Let me explain, at home (back in Georgia) in the evening I am usually busy driving children from one lesson or activity to another.  Here in Germany, the children's activities are right after school and often don't require me to drive them anywhere.  Also, I don't like to drive here in Germany at night. We live 30 minutes out of the city and the roads are not well lit, and then there is the fog that rolls in over the valley too. I am reading some good books too, so I guess that balances out all the movie watching.

First, up is the movie is Goodbye Christopher Robin based on the life of A.A. Milne the writer of the famous and beloved Winnie the Pooh books. The movie does actually stay pretty true to real-life events.  Milne who served in WWI  was anti-war and while not documented that he suffered from PTSD, it is reported that the war weighed heavily on him. Prior to watching this movie, I had no knowledge of the man behind the book, nor would I have ever guessed. At times I found the story touching, like when A.A. Milne left to care for his son and becomes closer to his son through the imaginary world of Pooh bear. On the other hand, I found the story heartbreaking over the discovery that the fame of the books put a strain on their relationship. The time period is well represented and the actors do a very well job.  Worth renting!

If you are familiar with the Netflix series The Crown then you will recognize Claire Foy. In the movie Breathe,  she plays the wife Robin Cavendish who is paralyzed by polio. The movie is set in England and is based on the real-life story of Diana and Robin Cavendish.  Diana a loving wife to Robin helps him navigate his new life and eventually changes how those suffering from disabilities are treated. A true love story as well as inspirational. While some may find the story dreary or sad the movie is inspirational.

This movie is also set in England and is based on another true story. The story covers the final years of Queen Victoria's life. True to story the relationship between the Queen and Abdul was scandalous,  Indians were looked down upon and even worse was that Abdul was a Muslim. After her death, the relationship was forgotten about until diaries from Abdul surfaced just recently. The relationship was not sexual in nature; however, the relationship was purposely concealed after her death by her son King Edward who was embarrassed and jealous of the relationship his mother had with this servant. The Queen was truly interested in Abdul's culture. She asked him to teach her how to speak Urdu and he even introduced her to the world of curry which she declared, "delicious." Those who have no interest in the monarchy or this time period may not enjoy the story, but I found it rather fascinating.

The Same Kind of different is based on a true life story and is set in America. This movie is jammed packed with A-listers. Making the movie truly enjoyable to watch.  Ron and Debbie Hall find that their marriage at a crossroad when their marriage is in the toilets; however, the two commit to making the relationship work. Debbie encourages her over occupied art dealer husband to come serve with her down at the local soup kitchen.  The two meet an angry aggressive homeless man named Denver Moore.  Debbie was not put off by this man and his behavior. She truly sees him and desires to get to know him better despite concerns from her husband that it may not be such a good idea. The three eventually form a friendship after learning of the man's abusive life growing up in south leaving him embittered against whites. Sadly Debbie dies, but the two men continue their friendship. I found the story uplifting and a good life lesson to truly see people and to see them as God truly sees them.  While the movie is slightly religious I would not say it is overly religious.

The last movie in this bunch is called Wonderstruck based on a children's book.  This movie is not a true story.  The story is about two children living about 50 years apart.  At first, I found the movie slightly confusing because the female characters life is in black and white and is mostly silent as if you are watching an old silent film while the more modern character of the boy played in 1977 is in color and not silent. Rose and Ben both seem to be searching for a connection and answers.  The two are brought together by the Natural History Museum in New York City.  As I said, I found the movie a little confusing at first, but I think the director of the movie was trying to convey what it is like to live in the world of a deaf person.  It works!  One does not feel like they are watching a children's story when watching this film. While not a bad story, it was probably my least favorite of the five.

Well, I hope this helps you if you are looking for something to watch. I honestly do like comedies, but lately just haven't seen any worth watching.  Tried watching a couple, but instead of funny I have found most vulgar.  I don't know why they feel that in order to make a funny movie you need to have bad language.   See you back soon!


Buckeroomama said…
Thanks for sharing these reviews. I have over a dozen movies (on DVD) that I meant to watch over the holidays. How many did I watch? Zero. Yet, I am going to watch The Greatest Showman for the second time at the cinema.
I'm going to watch Christopher Robin this weekend and of the other films you've mentioned I've seen Victoria and Abdul, but must admit that I did not like it. At times it almost felt like a parody to me. I've see to films - Mollie's Game and Darkest Hour - and liked them both.
Thank you!! I too love movies and get frustrated with what to watch - I put a few of these on my list!!
I loved Goodbye Christopher Robin. I stumbled upon it really as it was on during cheap movie night here and I thought it sounded interesting. It's one of those movies that you keep thinking about for a long time afterwards.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Anvilcloud said…
Looks like a nice selection. When you bring up PTSD in the first one, I can't help but think how little we knew of this condition in the past and had little sympathy for it. I am reminded of this as I read Maureen Jenning's Tom Tyler series.
Jeanna said…
I think my issue with movies in theaters is that the people around you can be so loud and annoying and unless you're there with a discount it's just not worth it. The quality of TV is so good I can't bring myself to go to the theater and the way I watch TV makes watching movies less preferable even at home.
You should never be ashamed of watching movies though, I think my friends and I broke some records back in the day.

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