Holiday Menagerie

Hi!  How are you?  Did you have a good holiday weekend (those of you in the states that is)?  Did you get any good Black Friday Sales or Cyber Monday sales.  I am still working on my shopping.  I am doing all my shopping on line this year.  It just seems easier to have it all shipped to the house than trying to hide it in the car without someone seeing it or getting it into the house.  Today, I feel totally in the Christmas spirit.  Maybe the weather has a little to do with it or the the Christmas music our Amazon Alexa accidentally played when she misunderstood my command, but I am in the mood.  I am looking forward to attending a few Christmas markets in the next couple of weeks and watch some holiday movies with the children.  The younger ones are finally at the age were they seem to be able to sit for more than 20 seconds and are beginning to watch shows that are not Paw Patrols or Daniel the Tiger.  The other day I watched the parent trap with the girls and they totally loved it.  OK, so now on to the photos in today's post.  We made some Christmas cookies to give to some friends this weekend.  I just adore Martha Stewart's Hazelnut Thumbprint Cookies.  I am sure I have posted about them before, but they really deserve another mention because they are always so well received. This weekend we went to see Paddington 2 since it was pouring rain outside which left us with very few options of things we could do.  Huge Grant was a riot in the film.  I actually liked it better than the first one.  Not pictured here is us skipping on Thanksgiving dinner.  I gave myself a pass this year.  It isn't a holiday here in Germany and well the kids had too many activities that day.  It just seemed pointless and the kids didn't mind.  My 10 year old actually told me he hates turkey.  Do you know that the German Florentine cookie is my favorite.  I am actually not even sure it is called a Florentine.  I mean the bakeries around here call it a Florentine, but when I google recipes none of them look like this. I may just go to the bakery and ask them for the recipe. I just think the combination of nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit is perfection. Next up my husband and Addy participated in her class craft day where they made Advent stockings. I think he did a pretty good job sewing the thing up given he has never sewn in his life.  Last but not least, we spent a fun evening this past week making Christmas cookies with some friends. We just adore this family and we are so grateful for their friendship.  Well, it is late here in Germany.  Baby it is cold outside and I have to run before all the cyber deals are over. Wishing you a fantastic week ahead!


Anonymous said…
We do not particularly like Turkey either. I prepared a prime rib roast and it was delicious. Nobody missed the turkey because the roast was 10X better. The apple cranberry pie for desert was a hit too. I'm also in the holiday spirit. I hung my wreath on the front door. Later this week I'll buy a tree. Susan
Anonymous said…
When I had my neighbors over for coffee-and-cookies on Turkey day, he told me that he hated turkey and chicken, because in the Armed forces they ate one of the two weeks on end. Understandable!
I know what you mean,after we came back to Holland, having spent 4 years in the USA, we didn't know what to do with ourselves on Thanksgiving day, because when it's a "normal" day, like you say -there's no point in it. Happy your kids are enjoying themselves on rainy days! Thank you much for linking to All Seasons, Kelleyn - have a lovely week!
NCSue said…
Nice collection of images! The holidays certainly came around fast this year
Thanks for linking up with us at
Jeanie said…
Oh, I'm into Christmas now big time! It was hard to wait till after TG to decorate. (And by the way, I'm no turkey fan either, so I was glad our host served trout!). Today I'm headed to a Christmas workshop where the word "tree" was involved. I have no idea what we'll come home with! (Apart from treasures from the gift shop!). And will be baking by the end of the week for the first of the holiday gatherings. There can't be too many!

Your family looks so happy and content and filled with joy. I'm thinking there is plenty of happy going on in your home!
kksharma said…
wow ! Food is looking so delicious and yummy. Great creativity you shared in that post and photos are really incredible.
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Those cookies look delicious, but oh the calories! We had the traditional Thanksgiving with family visiting-- turkey and all the trimmings!
I can't wait to see Paddington 2... even without the kids! I loved the first one and am glad you have given it a good review.
Tom said…
...some of my fondest memories of the season are the crafts they I made. It looks like there are a lot of neat things going on in my life. Thanks for the visit and enjoy!
Sharon said…
I love the holiday variety in your post! I hope you enjoy the Christmas markets in Germany -- it's a dream of mine to go one day. Last year we were in Nuremberg in October and people who live there were already gearing up for Christmas. Happy holidays to you and your family!

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