Breakfast in the city!

Given how short the school days are here in Germany it is really hard to get away into the city.  The city being Frankfurt.  When there isn't any traffic it is about a 36 minute drive which is nothing for this girl from Atlanta, but the other day it took me about an hour.  I had read about this cafe and was dying to try it out. I mean who doesn't like a good dessert.  I opted not to take the children as it just wasn't the type of establishment where one takes children, and well to be honest it was nice to have some piece in quiet.  I love my girls, but boy they can talk.  I always thought my boys were wild, but the girls out talk the boys 100%.  Cafe Siesmayer is located in the West End of the city adjacent to the Palmengarten and near the Grueneburg Park.  Street parking is difficult to find, but if you park closer to the Palmengarten you will have more luck.  I had actually passed by this cafe before, but didn't realized what the building held inside as the building itself is very inconspicuous. Once you open the door it is like opening the door to a secret garden.  The decor is modern but simple; but nothing simple about the food.  I actually ate breakfast before partaking a bite of a very heavenly Lime Yogurt Torte. The torte was so lite it was like taking a bite into a cloud, and one would think the torte to be tart; however, it was the perfect balance between tart and sweet.  The restaurant takes reservations, but I was easily able to get a seat.  Summer months may be busier. The back patio of the restaurant is quite lovely too!  Well, it is the weekend.  I am looking forward to taking the children to Fulda.  They have a Children's academie there and also a animal park.  I hope the weather will be cooperative.  What are your plans for the week?  Leaving you with my new favorite song. Hope you like!


Sharon said…
A time away from the children is always a treasure - and then you return with renewed patience, right? My, these pastries look luscious. The chocolate torte / cake has my name on it, I think!
Ela said…
It's always nice to see your pictures!
The cake from the first photo looks wonderful!
kksharma said…
Great, Food os that place is looking so delicious and yummy. Its really amazing places to get fun. stunning photos you shared.
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Rohit Kumar said…
These are really very awesome photographs, and I would like to have a breakfast like this.
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Klara S said…
What a treat. Pastries looks yummy. And good coffee...
Anonymous said…
Your visit to the cafe sounds delightful. The desert looks most delicious. I agree entirely, a few hours on our own makes all the difference in the world. Thoroughly refreshing. Your photos are outstanding. Thanks for sharing. Susan
Anonymous said…
Lovely to be able to get away and have some time for yourself, Kelleyn! It looks like Siesmayer knows how to wow their visitors:) It all looks and sounds delicious! My guess is you will be back there:) My thanks for sharing this "delicious" experience with All Seasons! Have a lovely week:)
Mandy said…
Hopefully, you got to enjoy a bit of the city while you were there, after making such a long drive. The lime yogurt torte sounds delicious!
Lovely photography. The food looks delicious and sounds like you had a lovely time. Hope you get to enjoy this again.


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