Adventures in Florida

Hi!  We are still alive!  We haven't had Internet this past month and so I haven't been able to post. Currently, I am working off my hot spot on my phone. The past month since we have been here in Germany the children have been attending school, enjoying the beautiful weather, and making new friends.  My husband and I have been working on setting up our apartment and all that comes with moving to a new country. Some days we feel like we have really made some progress and other days we feel like we still have so much to do before we can really settle in and start enjoying ourselves.  I wanted to post some photos of us since we have been here, but my card reader isn't working and so I will have to wait a couple more days until Amazon delivers me a new one. Sadly there is no media store in the town I live in and so I had to order one online.  Back home Harris has been working like crazy and Winston went to Florida with the Boy Scouts to attend Sea Base where they learned survival tactics, fished, snorkeled, and so on, and by the looks of the photos, they had a great time.

                                              photo credits to David Anderson and Christ Maycock


DUTA said…
Every beginning is hard. So, take it easy, things will soon improve.
The pictures with the boys' adventures are terrific.
Anonymous said…
Hello Kelleyn, so good to hear from you! Glad to hear you arrived in Germany. Sigh, the beginning of living in another country is challenging, even when you know the language.And two of your kids are in another country - that is hard too. Do they stay there, or only for the summer? Great to hear your news and sharing it with All Seasons. Hope to hear much more about where you now live in the coming weeks:):) Have an accomplished week!
Klara S said…
I can see a lot of fun here! Cool captures.
Buckeroomama said…
All the best with settling down in your new posting.

The stuff that the Scouts do is so much fun. I love that they are learning life skills and having so much fun in the process.
Mandy said…
Love that sunset shot! And it looks like the boys are having a lot of fun. Best of luck in your new country; hopefully you get everything sorted out soon. :)

With Love,
NCSue said…
Folks seem to be having a great time!
Thanks for joining us this week at

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