Addy is 6

Can't believe my little girl is 6!  Some days you don't think they can't grow up fast enough and other days you just want them to stay little.  Addy enjoyed a small birthday party attended by her Oma, Opa, and some of the neighborhood children. Addy is making friends fast! Her Oma made her a yummy chocolate cake covered with smarties and a strawberry cake. Oma gave her the game Halli Galli and her Aunt gave her a Barbie doll. She also received a doll guitar before she left the states from her Nana and from her papa.  She got to go to Legoland here in Germany (pictures and details coming soon on this trip)  Happy Birthday baby girl!  We love you to the moon and back! The little girl sitting next to Addy is Nayla.  She was born here in Germany, but her parents are from Uganda. She lives next door and speaks perfect English which is good and bad when you are trying to teach your daughter how to speak German. She loves having someone to walk to school with and play with after school.


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Le monde dÖ said…
Happy Birthday adorable princess!!!
Happy Birthday to your little one. My son spent about 6 years in Germany when he was stationed there and my grand-daughter was born there. I've never been out of the USA. Would be fun to live somewhere else for a while and learn their culture. Thanks for visiting me and commenting so I could come visit.

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