Sprechen sie Deutsch?

After years and years of driving to German School, trips to Germany, and now 3 years in high school I would say Harris is pretty proficient in German.  This past week, Harris had the opportunity to travel to north Georgia with his high school German club to participate in a state wide German speaking competition.  Not only did he and his fellow classmates bring home over 23 individual winning titles, but they won state.  Harris won 1st place in story telling.  While it wasn't always easy to spend every Saturday across town, I am really glad that we made a commitment to continue speaking the mother tongue of his father.  Truth be told, I think I speak more German on a weekly basis than my husband though I have far from being proficient like Harris.  Way to go Harris!  I am so proud of you!


Anonymous said…
Highschool in German - yes, I would say he's proficient! Thumbs up for your son:) This language is a mixed bag - I didn't pass to the next grade because of German in my high school, but then later, I lived in Berlin the first year of marriage, and my oldest daughter was born there. I love the city of Berlin!

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