Hawaiian Haystacks

I have no idea where this recipe originated or how it got it it's name.  I have a feeling it may have been one of those recipes you find in the Better Homes and Garden or Family Circle or maybe on the back of a soup can.  It isn't one of the most sophisticated meals, but it is a meal everyone can enjoy. The original recipe calls for the use of Creme of Chicken Soup, but that is just a little processed for our family.  Don't get me wrong, we do eat soup out of cans, but not very often. What kids love about this recipe is that they can add their own toppings to the top of the dish.  Toppings range from shredded cheddar cheese, green onion, fried noodles, pineapple chunks, peanut, mandarin oranges, and diced red pepper (not shown).  Then you make enough rice to feed your family.  My family of 7 needs about 2 cups of dried rice.  We makes our in a rice cooker, but you can make on the stove top.
Then follows the sauce and chicken.  These amounts can be easily increased.  I kind of eyeball it based on the number of people home that night.  I have really found joy in using chicken tenderloin.  It is a little more expensive than buying breast, but the results are a much more tender meat.  Buying this item in bulk can really bring down it's price making it much more affordable.  Anyway for my family of 7 including little ones we need about 13 tenderloins.  If using breast meat I would suggest 1 breast per adult and 1/2 a breast  per child depending on the age, so for our family this would be about 5 breast.   In a large skillet brown the tenderloin meat, take out as soon as meat is cooked through this will keep the meat moist. While cooking add salt, pepper, and 1/2 teaspoon of garlic.  If you like garlic you can add more.  Set aside meat and in the same skillet melt 3 Tablespoons of butter and 3 Tablespoons of flour over medium heat. Add a 1/2 teaspoon of dried thyme to the mixture and cook flour and butter until the flour is just becoming golden brown.  Add 2 cups of chicken broth to mixture and whisk until mixture is completely incorporated.  Add more salt and pepper to taste.  Depending on sodium levels in broth you can go less on the salt.  Then once sauce begins to thicken decrease the heat to low and add one cup of creme.  Cook for a minute or two until sauce thickens and add chicken back to sauce serve once chicken is warmed through serving over the rice.  Now let the kids have fun.  The sauce is pretty mild, so if you like a little spice I certainly suggest adding pepper flakes to taste.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said…
Looks like a great recipe when having a lot of kids over - they can choose whatever they want to:)
Jazzy Jack said…
Looks lovely. Will give it a go tonight!
Thanks for visiting my blog :-)
Jazzy Jack
Unknown said…
I believe that is a recipe for Thai rice! I used make it often when I had friends and family come over, it´s fun and relatively easy! Thanks for reminding me of this dish... it´s been a while!
This was my favorite meal growing up. Oddly enough, I never make it for my own family. Have you figured out your summer plans?

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