Time sure does not stop.  It seems like yesterday I was the one in the bridal photo and here we are 18 years later at a dear friends daughters reception.  How is it possible that the little 5 year old who was at our reception so long ago is now old enough to get married.  Erin has grown up to be such a wonderful young woman.  She has served a mission.  She graduated from BYU this winter and is now starting a new adventure with her husband Benjin.  So dearly missed was her mother Maryanne who passed away this past year of cancer.  While my heart was rejoicing for Erin at the same time my heart was breaking for her to think that she couldn't share this moment with her mother and that her mother won't be there as she becomes a mother, and then on the other hand her mother was there as looking at Erin is like looking at her mother. I am so grateful we had the opportunity to go to her reception and be apart of this amazing moment in her life as well as to be reminded that this life we have is ever so short.  We need to soak in every moment and count our many blessings.   Maybe that is the lesson for 2016.  Congratulations Erin and Benjin! 


eileeninmd said…
Hello, lovely images and wedding photos. Erin is a beautiful girl, I am sure her mother is looking down at her and is very proud. Happy New Year to you and your family. Have a happy day!
Kayni said…
Beautiful day for a beautiful bride.

Time does fly. I wonder sometimes where does time go.

My congratulations to Erin!
I am at the same stage in my life wondering where all those years have gone to and seeing kids grow up in the blink of an eye, but doesn't it give such hope in our at times horrible world to see the next generation blossoming?It looks an amazing wedding, I am sure her Mum would have been very proud. I wish Erin much joy in her future life.
Wren x
NCSue said…
I agree - it's hard to imagine where the years have gone!
Lovely photos. I thank you for sharing them at
Shauna said…
Beautiful girl and so true about our blessings. I love the first image of the two of them. Nice work.. ;) Love,

Shauna xo
ak_ut said…
she really is such a beautiful bride!
i wish you all the best for 2016 :-)
Francesca said…
it's nice when life continues on, in the most beautiful and promising way.
Lisa said…
Soaking in the moment and counting our blessings is good for every year! This is such a lovely tribute to both bride and mom. I can really tell both mean a lot to you. #LTTL
Holly said…
Beautiful post.
Unknown said…
What a huge New Year blessing! I am so happy you could be there as well. I really love the second shot of the couple infront of the Tabernacle in Salt Lake (I am assuming) because it is not the typical perspective. Very pretty.

Lisa at #LTTL

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