Traditions "Corner View"

Corner View started with Jane in Spain and what a wonderful vision she had of bringing together a collection of people from all over the globe. Each week we shared what was taking place in our corner of the world loosely based on a theme. I think at one point we had 72 participants!  In that time, babies were born, degrees were completed, children grew up, and sadly there was a death of a spouse. In a way we became a little family, and when Jane decided to move on Francesca graciously hosted our little group each week for many years until I took over in September. I hate to say this, but I think Corner View has run its course.  Heather was planning on taking over in January when she is finished with school, but it seems many in the group have moved on.  It is only natural.  The group has had a great run and if one can go so far to say friendships have been made with people we have never met. Unless I am wrong then please let me know if you want to continue on with Corner View and Heather will continue to host for us come the New Year; however, while I will continue to post the next couple of weeks I am going to be traveling and so this may or may not be the last Corner View.  So with that being said, here is this week's post. While the Christmas season usually begins the day after Thanksgiving for me I don't consider the season really starting until the second weekend in December when the kids have their German School Christmas program.  Our children have attended the German School of Atlanta for now 12 years.  Seeing the little ones on the stage is so so sweet.

Froh Weinachten!

Please leave your link in the comment section and we will come visit!  Happy Holidays!


nadine paduart said…
stollen!! :-)

i think you are very right... CV may have run its course. i know francesca asked the question a few months ago too and i know i truly want to hang on, but my intention too may dwindle week by week. and OMG did we have a good time! contacts do not have to disappear, and i did enjoy acqauinting myself with so many souls from around the globe.
i will be back here, it may take me a while longer... ;)))

have joyous days, kelleyn & family. n♥
Francesca said…
That's a nice tradition - a real Christmas aura is always embedded in northern european traditions.
I'm always happy to visit corner viewers, and i'm really fond of our wednesday tradition, but I do believe fewer and fewer people are keeping up their blogs these days.

Avery has grown so much lately.
I can't comment on Corner View but I think with many things over the "blogging years" things come and go and something new will come along.

Cannot wait to get a taste of an old fashioned Christmas this year.

BTW, Avery seems to have grown in leaps and bounds.
likeschocolate said…
Just so that you know Heather has posted and here is her link.
Suburban Girl said…
I love Christmas programs!
Holly said…
I do enjoy visiting other blogs but don't get around to it often, I think a shift has occurred in a lot of CV participants. I love the Christmas plays, I have one tonight and another tomorrow night.
Cascia Talbert said…
The kids look adorable in their crowns. Merry Christmas! Thanks for stopping by and linking up.
TexWisGirl said…
the little ones are so cute with their program. thanks for stopping by and blessings to you and yours this holiday season!
Anonymous said…
Adorable adorable....too cute for words.
This is so cute! I remember my kids doing similar programs when they were little. Same crowns too! :) Thanks for stopping over!
Jenny Woolf said…
I think hardly anything is as sweet as a nativity play with little kids. I don't usually find tears in my eyes but I do when I attend one!
I am with you the first time. Do not utter on Corner View.
I look forward with joy for Christmas.
Greetings from Poland.
Anonymous said…
These kids with their crowns are so adorable! Ah, wish I were in Europe for the stollen! (they're much richer and softer in taste there). All these celebrations make me feel good! Thanks for sharing! And wishing you a merry Christmas, if I don't write to you before!
Programs are the best!!! I remember my bigs doing it.
Angie said…
That's what Christmas is about, Thanks for your visit.
Indrani said…
Indeed such programs add to sweet memories.
Great display by kids, loved their little costumes. :)
betty-NZ said…
It's a shame that your link up has run its course, but you just never know how they will turn out. I am always looking for new photo memes to participate in but I limit myself to those with link-ups as I don't have time to scroll through comments.
Birgitta said…
Cute, lovely and nice photos!
Unknown said…
The kids are adorable! Merry Christmas!

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