Post Cards from Utah

Remember how I said my boys went to Utah for the Christmas Holiday?  They had a blast!  We were a little worried as Roman declared a couple days before departing that skiing was torture and he was not going to try! My husband was sweating bullets, but we came up with a good game plan and it worked.  We decided that he would take Roman up the slope and introduce him to the instructors a day before going.  If he didn't go then one of the boys could watch him or we have plenty of friends in the Salt Lake Valley who would be happy to help us out by watching Roman.  When push came to shove Roman did it and even graduated to the next class. While in Salt Lake the boys not only went skiing, but they went to see the movie Star Wars and Creed.  They also went to see the Tabernacle Choir perform and then hung out at Temple Square to see the Christmas lights.  My husband said they missed us, but truth be told I think they enjoyed it being a "Boys" trip.  The boys are home now and the girls are off!  I can't believe 2016 is almost here!  Wherever the New Year finds you, May you have a Happy New Year!


nadine paduart said…
there you all, or almost all of you, are!! so here am i to wish you a very happy new year. let's celebrate from afar, hug one another, and hope for another year of exciting things to happen. i'll be happy to come see how you are doing here from time to time. sure glad to know you. x nadine♥
Shauna said…
Happy New Year! You are busy! I loved your last post. What a wonderful Christmas dinner. It all looks so good. It sounds like you have been having a wonderful holiday. Take great care and best wishes for a great New Year. Love,

Shauna xo
Tera said…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!! The photos show such beauty and fun!!!

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