The First Time

I still remember that day so clearly.  It was August 19th, 2013 just 2 years ago, a beautiful sunny afternoon. I remember being in the playroom with Addy when the telephone rang.  Across the TV flashed a Colorado telephone number and my heart started beating fast.  I ran to the kitchen to grab the phone before the caller hung up and when I answered the phone a voice said, "Hi!  It is Sarah from CCAI.  Do you have a minute to talk."  Well, the rest is history.  That was the day we got the referral for Avery.  Frank wasn't home.  He was at the gym. I scooped up Addy and we drove as fast as possible to show him the picture of Avery. His phone was off and we had no way to reach him.  She was beautiful and she was mine!  We can't imagine our lives without her.  Often people will stop me and say how lucky Avery is to have us because they know the story about China and it's history with girls or their one-child policy, but I always tell them no we are the lucky ones.  She has blessed our lives beyond measure.  Thank you, Avery, for coming to our family.  We love you!

 The first photo of her!

 Just 8 weeks before we went to China!
Gotcha Day!

Her first night with us!

 While it doens't look like it in the photo, she has adored Winston from the start!

Forever Ours!


Best day ever, flr sure. happy referral-versary.

My girls still love those crackers, the one pictured in the photo of Avery standing. I get them often for them at the local market along with other favourites from their days in China
Francesca said…
such a happy turn of events for you all! (and thanks for sharing your journey with us!)
abrianna said…
Oh those pictures. She is sweet but you can see how overwhelmed she was in her eyes.
So very precious!!!! What a gift!!! Xo

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