Random Bits of Summer

Sarah and Conner were married!

 Roman's awesome artwork!
 Jennie gets married

 Walt Disney Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry!
 Meeting a blog friend for the first time and LAX!
 Maine Berry Black Bear Icecream
 Emerson's House
 My dad's and my grandparent's house in Dracut, Mass!
 Some American writers house who I can't seem to remember right now.
 San Francisco Pier!
 Spent our fair share of time in laundromats this summer!  So worth it!

Shawna got married

Summer has almost come to an end though one would not know it by looking at the temperature gauge.  We are still averaging 91 degrees every day.  Our schedules are becoming increasingly busy and this year even three weeks back into school I am still finding it hard to wake up each morning.  While I will be sad to say goodbye to August, I am looking forward to September as it brings a trip to Europe for me and my friend Lucy.  Frank and my mother will hold down the fort and watch the children.  So need some time alone.   September here we come!


tinajo said…
Oh, where in Europe? :-) Looks like you´ve had a great time - so many weddings..! :-)

Amy said…
All these are beautiful photos and moments.Hope you had a great week!

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