Volunteer Park Cafe and an Afternoon with Friends.

When we arrived in Seattle my friend Jenna, who I met while living in Switzerland via an ex-pat playgroup, picked Avery and me up from the airport.  She immediately whisked us off to lunch at Volunteer Park Cafe.  The food was so good! Actually, it was perfect.  Avery had the chicken noodle soup with a matzo ball and Jenna and I both had a salad made of organic greens, pears, hazelnuts, and Chevre dressed in a pomegranate vinaigrette.  It was all I could do not to buy one of their amazing giant brownies or any of their other baked goods for that matter.  After lunch, my friend Jennifer with her daughter and I went to Frenchy's to get our nails done.  What a fun afternoon!


Shauna said…
Yes! This all looks so good! Super cute pictures. How wonderful to have good friends in far away places. :) Take care,

Shauna xo

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