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The other day I had the opportunity to take photos of this sweet family.  Soon they will be welcoming a new baby into their home "a baby girl"!  I am so excited for my friend.  She is such a great mom!  I really love taking photos, but I am feeling a little overwhelmed because the more I shoot the more I realize I don't know and need to learn.  I find doing individual shots or shoots with just 2 people easy while shots with multiple people I realize I need a lot more practice on as little things like facial expressions, clothing mishaps and hair I need to be mindful of as they can ruin a shot.  Eventually, my goal is to do labor and delivery photography as I like the idea that you are capturing moments and not staged moments.  I also like the idea of being apart of the miracle of life.  The girls will both be in school in another year and I am contemplating doing part time work.  I don't know if that will take place in the form of doing more photography or I have also been contemplating looking into getting certified as a duola.  Thankfully, I don't have to make any decisions right now.  Well, the weekend is almost upon us and we are going to the pumpkin patch.  We are also going to meet up with a family that adopted with us at the same time as Avery.  They are in town for a wedding.  It will be so great to see them if it works out. Have a great weekend!


nadine paduart said…
what a great project for you. i think, kelleyn, you're gonna be good at it, yes, do practice, practice, practice! it'll learn you just as much as theory. go, woman! n♥
Shauna said…
Kelleyn, we are in the same boat. I've been shooting for people, families, etc., trying to practice and really become a "photographer", whatever that means. And I feel the same way. The more I do it the more I think, "sheesh", I know nothing. But, in the mean time I get a few great pictures and it keeps me progressing. I love the first couple of these. They are all good shots. Keep at it. Love,

Shauna xo

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