A Trip to the Farm

One can never have to many pumpkins-right?  The sun came out this afternoon and I thought I would take the girls to a farm not to far from our house.  I didn't really go there for the pumpkins, but for the advertised petting zoo.  The petting zoo was a disappointment as you were only allowed to pet the animals through the fence and only the geese were interested in coming close to the fence.  Bummer! I think Addy was just fine with this as she is convinced every animal is going to eat her. Would have gone on the hayride too, but it was cold.  Also, one teenager who shall not be named texted me that he needed a ride home from school, so our visit was cut short.  Avery wanted to bring all the pumpkins home.  She filled one wagon up to the sky in little pumpkins. I had to break the news to her that we were only walking away with two pumpkins and a bag of apples.  I have also come to the conclusion that it might be easier to herd cats than get these two girls to sit still for a photo. I can never seem to get both of them looking at the lens at the same time and if I do they always have some funky expression on their face.    Have a great weekend!


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