The Year of the Horse "Sunday Snapshot"

Chinese New Year began on Friday and it is the year of the horse. When I was in China I bought some super cute decorations at Walmart and bought the girls some dresses.  Over the weekend, I made long life noodles, dumplings, and crab stuffed won tons.  I loved the won tons, but they weren't a big hit with the children.  On Saturday, we drove to Chamblee to attend the new year celebrations over at the Chinese Cultural Center.  It was so crowded and kind of hard to see the dances, but Winston was able to squeeze in and get a few pictures.  We enjoyed seeing our friends there Amanda, Patrick, and Morgan.
                                                      Happy Chinese New Year!
Ni Hao Yall


Shauna said…
It's so sweet, I can't stand it. Love seeing them both, sisters, in their sweet outfits. I love having girls. I'm so glad your first daughter has a best friend for life. Her brothers are too, but come on, sisters are sisters. :) Much love to you Kelleyn,

Shauna xo
Ayak said…
Avery looks so happy and Addy is as beautiful as ever. They both look very cute in their dresses. Lovely photos...well done Winston...a photographer in the making xx
abrianna said…
Lovely photos. I like the pink dresses. My blessing would look wonderful in one of those, if I had one.

Congratulations on bringing Avery home!
tinajo said…
Looks like so much fun - good for you all! :-) Take care!
Francesca said…
happy chinese new year!
nadine paduart said…
i happened to catch a bit of the chinese festivities in brussels, last friday. heavens, that was cool! n♥
Le monde dÖ said…
Lovely portraits... and beautiful series :)
Girls look so pretty in their outfits! What a fun event and yummy food!
Beautiful photos of the girls!!! LOVE! Wish we could have gone with you all! Maybe next year!!! OK??? XOXOXO

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