7 years

7 years ago, God gave me the most beautiful baby! Though his heart was broken God made him perfect. Through him we know God is a God of miracles and through him all things are possible. We never take one day for granted for we know that life is precious! We are so grateful we did not heed the words of the specialist, but choose life. Roman you are amazing and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. In honor of your upcoming birthday on Sunday, I thought I would post this video we made of you so long ago. You Gotta believe! I am so thankful to the doctor who believed that something could be done for these children tho suffer from heart disease and went against the thought of the time which was the heart should not be touched. Thank you for your dedication and willingness to put your medical carear and reputation on the line. Thank you Alfred Blalock!


tinajo said…
Goodness, now I´m all teary eyed! :-)

Happy Birthday Roman....what a special boy such a great video...teary eye watching. He is such a gift.

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