Playing in the Rain


Finally the sun has come out!  I was just about to scream from all the gloomy weather!  I love my sunshine!  Addy didn't mind though and decided if you can't beat it you might as well enjoy it.  She discovered the joy of jumping in rain puddles.  It is Friday and I couldn't be more happier!  How about you, do you have any plans for the weekend!  I hope your weekend if filled with sunshine and if not, then why not do some puddle jumping.  Have a great weekend!


Your lil puddle jumper and all her curls my oh my she is a doll! Have a great weekend!
Enjoy the sunshine you lucky people! Chilly here and frosty this Saturday morning. Such a sweet picture in her rain boots. Nothing too big planned this weekend, which is just how I like it! Have a good one.
Ooh, I remember those years of play and discovery! And her curls, those curls of hair! Adorable :)
Kirk Klippel said…
We went bowling for the first time in years and it was so fun. We had a great weekend. Just so nice to be together. I love these pictures. And I always love what your daughter is wearing. Much love,

Shauna xoxoxoxo

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