The beggining of a weekend!

It is Friday and I am tired!  If anyone has any tricks for getting a 15 month old to sleep through the night I would love to hear them.  I am not getting any sleep.  She wakes up 3 times a night or more, and I am seriously exhausted.  My brain feels like it is in a constant fog. Addy and I went to the pumpkin patch yesterday.  The boys didn't want to come with us.   It wasn't the same without the boys!  I made Magic Cookie bars this morning for a watching of Season 3 of Downton Abbey (I have a friend who can get British TV) to only find out it had been canceled when I got there.  More cookies for me!  Roman got really good news at the cardiologist which is that the doctor thinks he can make it to 18 without having his pulmonary valve replaced.   No visit every six months, but only once a year.  Tomorrow we have 2 soccer games and German school followed by watching General Conference.  I love General Conference I always walk away feeling uplifted and blessed with so much wisdom of wonderful church leaders.  Well, I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


Francesca said…
There are a million different theories on how to get your child learn to sleep through the night, as you know, and they range from let-her-cry-herself- to-sleep to co-sleep. The middle ground that worked for us was to move the cot/bed in our room: that way you don't have to get up, child sleeps in her own bed, hears your comforting voice nearby, goes back to sleep, and when child has learned the trick, you move her back to her room. Hope you can soon find a solution that works for your family!
So glad to hear about the good news from the doctor!
Happy weekend!
Silver Strands said…
Good luck on the sleeping thing ... I just wanted to say: BEST AUTUMN PICTURES EVER!
Angela said…
Our daughter had issues with sleeping. I did not let her have a nap so she was nice and tired when night came. Camomile tea I heard it can help but you would have to ask her pediatrician to find out if it's ok to give to her. I have never seen so many pumpkins in one place. Heavens !!!! She looks so cute in the middle there. Amen to good church leaders!
Unknown said…
I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch! Have a great weekend and enjoy General Conference.
Arctic Mum said…
I hear you, same here. She wakes up between 0200 and 0500 quite a few times, but our agreement is that my partner Andre settles her (she just lies down again in her bed by our bed), and I get up with her at five when she refuses to lie down more. We're like zombies these days, but I talk to my friends with one year olds, and it's like that for all of us!
Unknown said…
What an amazing pumpkin patch!

Hope you can get some sleep soon. There's nothing worse than being overtired!
Buckeroomama said…
Goodness, look at all those pumpkins!! My kids would go wild. :)

Good luck with getting him to sleep thru the night. I don't know how you feel about co-sleeping, but that has worked for us.
Shauna said…
I forgot your son is even older!!! Wow, that is no time at all. To be honest I am really excited for my son to go. I think I'll be just fine, but I know some ladies in my ward who really struggled with their sons leaving. It's different for everyone I guess.

These last few posts are super cute!! In the last post your home looks like something off of pinterest. I love your home!!! It's so calming and pretty.

Your daughter can't get any cuter, just precious. Love,
momto8 said…
good news!!
and beautiful photos!
good luck with the sleeping thing...i don't know how we ever did it...I am glad we didn't realize how sleep deprived we really were...but here I am now, getting up with an 8am alarm...imagine!
Mezzamay said…
The pumpkin patch looks amazing!
Hope your daughter starts sleeping through soon...I know it's not much help, but she'll grow out of it eventually
Menthe Blanche said…
What a great atmosphere of autumn! Pretty colors! I'm happy for the good news for your husband :) And I hope that your nights will be better....good luck!

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