Thanksgiving in Florida part One

Hi! I am back. I hope you had a great week. Since the boys started school, we have never had the whole week of Thanksgiving off, so we took this as an opportunity to get away. Florida it was and it didn't disappoint with it's fantastic weather. We drove down on Sunday and arrived at our condo at the Westgate. A perfect location to all of the parks. Just 5 miles from Magic Kingdom and 3 miles from Universal. On Monday, Frank took the boys to Gatorland while I stayed back at the condo with Addy. Gatorland is a tradition when we go to Orlando. It is an Alligator park. The boys never get sick of seeing the alligator wrestling. A new addition to the park is a zipline course. The boys were beyond excited for the opportunity to try the zipline course. They loved it! Have you ever tried ziplining? I haven't. It seems a little scary, but at the same time I think I might like to try it some time.


Emily said…
Wow! They're so brave! Were those *real* alligators under that zipline though? Eek!

Welcome back!
Sounds like a great time! I have issues with heights so ziplining.....not sure I could do it!
Francesca said…
what a great adventure for your boys!

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