Sunday Morning!

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Looking out my kitchen window I can't help but be amazed at the miracle of spring. Just a few days ago, the trees in my backyard were barren. Now they are laden with bright green leaves. The Dogwoods have bloomed their white flowers. In this simple gift it is a reminder of hope. With each season brings new experiences. Now I am off to enjoy cinnamon scones with homemade strawberry jam. Yummy! Reminds me of my first week in South Africa. I had never had scones before, and the family I lived with took me to a cafe where they treated me to my first taste of scones. I don't think I had ever tasted something so simple but yet so divine. Enjoy your day!


Unknown said…
Looks delicious! I don't think I ever tried scones until I lived in Canada.
jane said…
happy spring kelleyn! and i know what you mean about scones... i like mine with chocolate chips :)
cate said…
happy spring! and so glad to see that your family is treating you to the good stuff. how's the belly growing, mama?

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