Destin, Florida

Yes, Paradise does exist on this earth and it is in Destin, Florida. Only a 7-hour drive from Atlanta it is a perfect family vacation spot. Turquoise Seas and powder white sand so soft to the touch. With that being said, Destin doesn't have to blow your budget. My girlfriends and I were able to stay at the Village Inn Resorts for 60$ a night. Usually, I don't stay in these kinds of hotels, but this one was very clean and was situated close to many of the local beaches and restaurants. This vacation was perfect. The children 14 in total were completely entertained with the beach and one another while us moms actually got a chance to relax which is somewhat of a novelty when you have more than one child. The first night we were there we ate at a restaurant called Funpuckers. The wait was a little long, but the children enjoyed looking at and feeding the 100 baby alligators on sight. They also have a small playground and photo oops with alligators. The food was delicious. The children gobbled down a plate of fried alligator tail in minutes. The day we left we ate at a restaurant called the Back Porch located on the beach. The restaurant specializes in seafood. Also delicious! Don't forget to have a piece of Key Lime Pie or Sunshine cake. Oh, and don't forget to try the Shake Shack! The ice cream is amazing. 


Purple Flowers said…
So glad you had a great time w/your children and girlfriends!
Francesca said…
I too love fried alligator tail :)

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