Silly Monkey Celebration

Today we celebrated Roman's 3rd birthday because we are heading off to Orlando for his actual birthday, and because it is President's weekend. He loves Curious George, so we choose a monkey theme. I hand made the invitations and on the inside they read: Our little monkey is turning 3! Come join us for a swinging time on February 11th at 10am. Silly Monkeys in attendance were Josh, Josh, Peter, Tucker, Alex, and Andrew. The children munched on dinosaur chicken nuggets followed by monkey cupcakes and Chunky Monkey ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. The Mommy's ate Broccoli and Chicken Asian noodle salad and Anti pasta salad. The great thing about 2 year olds/3 year olds is that no games were necessary they were just happy to play with each other. Afterwards, the guest were sent home with blue tote bags filled with Monkey Crunch trail mix, a few piece of candy, a noise maker, and home made play dough.


caitlin said…
What a darling party. Love the pictures!
shayndel said…
Happy Birthday to Roman!
Those cupcakes are so sweet ♡
Nadja said…
Happy birthday! Wow, looks like you had a great time @ the party!!!
Ok, I just have to comment on those monkey cupcakes...they are the cutest! Looks like it was a great celebration. Happy Birthday to your monkey boy!
Andi said…
The monkeys are so cute, I'm thinking about using them for Trey's adoption party. Little boys are such monkey's!

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