Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!

We celebrated Valentines Day with Heart shaped Pizzas. We just asked our local pizza place if they could shape the pizzas into heart shapes and they were all happy to do it.
Check out what my sweetie gave me for Valentines Day! No more arguing over how to get somewhere. Hallelujah! We are heading off to Florida! See you when we get back!


LOVE the heart shaped pizza! Never thought of doing that before but must remember that. Very cute. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Valentine's Day and a great time in Florida.
Elizabeth said…
I can't believe your local pizza place would do that. How terrific! Have a wonderful time in Florida!
Petit Elefant said…
What a darling pizza! Happy Valentine's Day!
A heart shaped pizza!! What a brilliant idea!! Happy Valentines day!!
Company EIGHT said…
love the pizza! and have fun in florida!!! I wish I was there with you!

btw--how would you like a visitor this fall? :) I've been dying to come see you, and I might just be able to get away then.
shayndel said…
Great pizza! Happy travels:)
Nihal said…
Happy belated St Valentine's day:) Pizza is my weakness, but heart shaped pizza as a first. Great idea. Going to Sunshine State? Excellent. Been to, and how I miss being there again soon. Please please share some of your memories with us. With ♥
Kari said…
such a cute pizza - looks too nice to eat.
Safe travels with your new toy!
Traveling Mama said…
Are you serious?! It seems like everyone had the grand idea to go to Disney for Winter break! LOL! It was so stinkin' crowded that we hardly did anything but stand in line and freeze! LOL!!! Oh well! The kids didn't know what they missed and they loved every minute! Did you guys stay on property?
;) said…
The perfect pizza and the perfect present for Valentine's day !

have a beautiful day
Anonymous said…
Loved the pizza, who knew?
We got a Garmin Nuvi 265wt at Christmas and we LOVE it!

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