Homemade Birthday Part Two

What do you get a child who have everything? I decided that I was going to make homemade gifts. I thought this would also make the gift more meaningful. The first present were the crayon rolls. I had some left over material, so with the help of my mother we whipped out these "I Spy" bags. They were super simple to make! You can fill them with just about anything:old key, paper clip, screw, small McDonald's toys, toys small toys you have gotten from other birthday parties, dice, penny, small wood dye cuts from the craft store, and the list goes on. You want at least 25 items. You can find the direction on how to make these adorable bags on this cute blog called According to Kelly http://www.according-to-kelly.com/2008/05/i-spy-with-my-own-eye.html. The only thing I did differently was I made the square larger by an inch. Also, I used my left over flannel instead of the fleece. If you use flannel, you will need to have 3 squares instead of the two. You take two of the squares and fuse them together with fusible webbing. Then cut out your window. This will give more support to your fabric, so that when you sew your plastic vinyl on it will not tear the fabric. I also didn't write out what was in the bag. I figured that a two year old can't read, so why waste my time with the additional step. I am positive this is going to be a favorite quiet time church activity.


Anonymous said…
Good idea, handmade gifts !!! Happy birthday to your son ; )
Company EIGHT said…
Handmade gifts are the best! We love our I spy bags!!
My kids have one of these and LOVE it!
Dana said…
such a great idea!
good for you :)
Allison said…
These are so great! I have always loved the "I Spy" books... even now. I imagine that I could be quite entertained for some time by these too.

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