Christmas Day 2009

Amazingly the boys slept in this year and did not wake up at 5:00am! We started off the morning by reading the Christmas story from the Bible and then it was time to open presents. Roman thought they were all for him and had a hard time letting anyone else open a present. He was so excited! Harris received Pajamas, A Harry Potter Video #4, Guitar Hero, a DSi, some games for the XBOX and DS, and a book. Winston received some book collections (He loves to read), Bakugan collection box, Star War Lego special edition collection, Pajamas, a Harry Potter video #5, some games for his DS, and games for his XBOX, Roman loved his Lego's, t-shirt, books, remote control car, and Winnie the Pooh computer. The gifts were a success. Afterward, we sat down for a yummy breakfast of fruit salad, scrambled eggs, tater tots wrapped in bacon, and yogurt. The boys spent the afternoon rocking out to Guitar Hero even Frank rocked out a little to Eye of the Tiger and Kung Fu Fighting! Frank and Roman enjoyed a walk in the woods while Nana and I watched White Christmas. The only thing missing from such a perfect day was our family in Germany and Mesa.


Dana said…
Merry Christmas! Sounds like an ideal day. . . good for you!

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