Festival of the Nativity

We have had a fun filled weekend that started off with dinner with our good friends from Italy. The food was fabulous! Then on Saturday, we went to a christening and adoption celebration of some friends of ours who adopted twin baby girls. They are so happy now that they are officially a family of five. The party was fabulous! Then from there, we went to the Festival of the Nativity where we heard the Chords of Faith choral group sing. I love looking at the different Nativities from around the world. Then St. Nicholaus visited bringing the boys chocolate and books. Sunday night I made Roesti for dinner. I am missing the German Christmas markets. Too bad it cost a gazillion dollars to fly over to Germany with 3 children and all.


Dana said…
Full weekend! Thanks for the tip on Otzi. She met him when she was about 3, but it's likely time to reintroduce him. He's only about 90 minutes from us. Know any good children's books?

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