Happy Easter!

Happy Easter
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Easter Fun with Friends
Easter is one of my favorite holidays because not only do I love the shiny Easter candies, but it is so much fun to see the joy on the children’s faces. Roman was just adorable! Watching him find the eggs and place them in his basket to only unload the basket to pick up the eggs again was such a hoot. He could have done that all day. We celebrate Easter on both Saturday and Sunday. The Easter bunny comes to our house on Saturday because he knows that we want to keep Easter Sunday about the Savior, and not about the loot that is received by the Easter bunny. We shared Saturday afternoon with some good friends and their children. The food was very yummy. I made deviled eggs. There were also grilled lamb chops, salad with pecans, red peppers, and feta cheese with a balsamic dressing, corn on the cob, lox, and cream cheese, and roasted asparagus. Sunday we went to church and listened to the ward choir tell the Easter story through songs. Plus there were three baby blessings. After church, we ate another yummy meal of grilled pork tenderloin, roasted asparagus, roasted potatoes, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. During dinner, we opened the resurrection eggs which are plastic Easter eggs filled with things that help tell the Easter story. The boys are just old enough to really enjoy this and even participate in telling what each symbol means. An example is the coins that were paid for Jesus life or a piece of linen used to wrap Jesus body. Then we watched the He is Risen video along with The Messiah Comes. Everyone was happy and tired by the end of the day.


Company EIGHT said…
Gee, I want to be at your house for dinner!!! YUMMY!!!
carolyn q said…
It's been a while since we last connected but I want you to know that I do think of you and hope that things are going well.
It looks like you had a great time as a family for Easter and that the boys did a great job on the eggs.
Marci said…
Stumbled upon your blog via Meanest Mom~you have a lovely family! Cute blog~I'll visit again!

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