Attack of the Pollen

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon in the ER. Our son Winston woke up wheezing. I thought I could treat it myself by giving him some cough medicine and some Benedryl for the allergies that I knew were causing the wheezing. However, it just did not get better he continued to cough and wheeze. Once at the ER, he was treated with prednisone and a breathing treatment. The wheezing stopped and he felt much better. Now, this morning I woke up with itchy eyes, but thankfully I am not wheezing. I have taken some Benedryl, but I hate taking it because it makes me feel like I am walking around in a daze. On top of that, I think my children are trying to kill me or make sure that we don't have any more children. Last night they didn't go to bed until almost 9p even though I put them in bed at 7p, and then they woke up at 5am this morning when Frank was getting up for work. I am sure that this is going to make for cranky children tonight. Oh, fun! The joys of being a parent who is under attack from Pollen.


Nadja said…
That sounds really bad! I hope the pollen will be gone soon. Here in Austria it is pretty bad, too. However, I am glad it's getting warmer. The museum in Atlanta sounds fun! Roman is really getting a big boy, he's really cute on the pics. :)
Em said…
I don't know which is worse wheezing from allergies or kids that won't go to bed, urghh, I hate that. I would be intrested in seeing a map of all the places you have been, maybe put one on the side of your blog or something :)

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