Gee Gee's

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Roman he loved his pacifier and Schnuller in German, but we call them Gee Gee's after our second son Winston who also loved his pacifier. This little boy loves them so much he walks around with one in each hand. I can't tell you how many we have lost and how much time we have spent looking for them, but he loves them just the same. Roman has also added 12 words to his vocabulary this week which doesn't sound like much for a two-year-old, but for a child who only had a vocabulary of twenty words, it is big. His new words are baby, juice, dog, night night, this, that, go, sit, shoe, sock, nose, eye, hello. Yesterday we went to visit a friend who had a baby and he was so in love with the baby. He wanted to hold the baby and kiss the baby and feed the baby some of his bread. It was really adorable.


Unknown said…
How sweet that he wanted to play with the baby! Congrats on the new words, Roman! It definitely helps when their vocab grows to know what they want. I love the way you can "hear" their little voices too. Good luck getting rid of the "nuggi" or "nuki" in Swiss German. Someday. Kelsey still has hers at night and at naptime. I can't believe you passed up on Italy, but I understand why. Would be AMAZING, but also wouldn't be RIGHT. I could see it getting old, and that government! AGH!

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