Happy St. Patricks Day!

Yesterday while we were away, the Leprechauns came and caused all kinds of mischief in our house. They turned the water in our toilets green and the milk too, but I think we must have scared them because they not only left us a yummy rainbow cake but some of their gold. We ended our day with a yummy Irish dinner. St. Patrick was a Catholic missionary who drove the snakes out of Ireland meaning he was the first to be successful in converting the native pagan people to his religion. Did you know that the Shamrock was how he explained the trinity? The Shamrock represents the Father, the son, and the Holy Ghost.


sandals said…
What a cute idea! You are such a cute mom!
Melinda said…
Fun...I would love the recipe to the rainbow cake if the leprechaun happened to leave it somewhere....
Okay, I needed to see this BEFORE st paddy's day! Too cute! And dido on the recipie. There is always next year!

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