The Jacobsbahn is so much fun. It is located in the town of Kronsburg, Switzerland which is about a 25-minute drive from our house. Kronberg is one of the many villages that make up what is known as the Appenzeller region most famous to us Americans for its cheese. The boys had so much fun seeing who could go the fastest down the mountain. Jacobsbahn is very similar to Alpine Sledding; however, it is different in that you are pulled to the top of the mountain by a pulley system. even though Roman couldn't go on the sleds he enjoyed playing at the playground. We all forgot to put sunscreen on, so we all came home just a little bit sunburnt.


Nursequinn said…
Oh my gosh, look how fast you guys are going at Jacobsbahn...who went the fastest....who won? How many times did you get to go down...ask your Mom about the similar one she went on with her step-sisters in Lake Tahoe.

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