Happy Father's Day!

I love this guy! He is the best. The best husband and the best dad. While other men are off fishing, golfing, sitting around watching sports on TV, or drinking a beer. My guy works six days a week to provide us with a really great life. He adores his children and spends every free minute with them. He takes them swimming, hiking, bike riding, six flags, Stone Mountain, and out for ice cream. He brushes their teeth and tucks them into bed every night. He has loved me through good times and bad. He encourages me to do things for just me-like girls weekends.
Happy Father's Day!


Gail said…
You did get the right Gail. Sandy sent me the e-mail you sent her and I looked at all your pictures from the Reunion. Everybody looks so great. I can't believe what big families we all have.

I told Sandy, Leave it to you to have the 411 on absolutely everybody. Thanks for all the cool info. I'll put yours in the list of Blogs I check regularly. You look like you have a lot of fun.

I envy your traveling fun. Since my moved here from Alaska we don't go Anywhere. 2 years ago I had family in Paris and friends in London-- perfect time to travel. We got our passports in order on Sept 10, 2001. Then on 9/11 my sister and brother in law were stranded in Paris with their five kids at home in the states. After that, I haven't been able to bring myself to leave the country, but I keep telling myself that someday I will satisfy my deep abiding wanderlust.

Until then, bully for you.

Thanks for leaving your comment. Please keep in touch . My email is gsjensen@beyondbb.com.
Company EIGHT said…
What a wonderful tribute--yay for great dads!!!
Mariel said…
Nice to meet you! (In a blog sort of way). It's fun to get to see who looks at my blog...thanks for saying something.

You've got a cute family! Sorry about all the health troubles with your little one. He's adoreable. What a challenge that would be!

I'm jealous of your traveling adventures! Switzerland would be an awesome place to visit! Have a happy day!

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