The girls couldn’t have been more thrilled than when there is a forecast of snow. The girls hung out at their friend's house on Saturday. In typical girl fashion, they produced a skit from the Polar Express movie. They did a great job. On Sunday morning the snow started coming down and the neighbor girls came over to our house for a while then our girls ended up at their house and then after lunch I packed them up in the car and we headed to a local hotel where I had some points for a free stay and the girls had a slumber party. They had fun swimming, watching movies, and playing Monopoly.  It was a good weekend!!! 


Dearest Kelleyn,
That makes all the difference being some four hours north of us.
It is so seldom that we see snow, now 20 years ago:
Glad you had a good weekend!
Annsterw said…
That's wonderful! Glad you enjoyed the snowfall - I stayed hunkered inside. HA

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