Hello!  We have now been in Germany for two weeks now and have been going at full speed since we arrived.  Today, we are taking a little break and it feels good to just hang out in our apartment and relax.  You know you need a break when even the children are excited to just stay home.  Tonight is the start of Euro 2020 Soccer or now Euro 2021 which will be uniques because instead of one host country the games will be played all throughout Europe.  Last Saturday, we spent the day visiting a friend of mine Lorraine, who I grew up with in Alaska and is now living here in Europe because her husband is working for the core of Army Engineers.  It was so good to see my friend and meet her family as I had not seen her in 31 years.  Just say that is so crazy!  31 years!  I was actually best friends with her sister Amy who sadly died 2 years ago in a horrific car crash.  Seeing Lorraine in many ways was very healing.  Wiesbaden is also a great city to visit!  It is the capital of the state of Hessen.  It is about 45 minutes away from where we live.  After having lunch with my friend, we took a walk into the city and enjoyed the Kurpark and even enjoyed a little ice cream.  Summer has finally arrived after about a week and a half of colder temperatures and rain.  We are soaking it all up!  Europe in the summer is wonderful!  Well, I hope you have a fantastic week.


Dearest Kelleyn,
One could tell you needed a break... your title is reversed as it should be 'ie' instead of 'ei'.
Hoping you got decompressed by now as your friend's meeting was also emotional!
The kids look happy and you and your friend (?) also very much!
Enjoy the remainder of summer, well it has officially not begun but those activities we can categorize definitely as summer.
Looks like a lovely wander - and nice to catch up with long-lost friends but my heart goes out to you for the loss of your friend Any. My hubby is keen to watch the Euros too, may your best team win!
Wren x
DUTA said…
Wiesbaden looks like a dream and your girls like fairies.
You're quite good with the camera as the shots are sharp and beautiful.
I like the photo with your friend you haven't seen for 31 years! It must have been quite an exciting reunion!
Lydia C. Lee said…
Enjoy the Euro - exciting time to be over there. (Go Finland!!)
NCSue said…
I've missed seeing you recently and am so glad we reconnected through cyberspace. I always enjoy the photos you share of your family travels.
Thanks for joining up this week at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2021/06/a-visit-to-garden.html
italiafinlandia said…
Very nice shots! :-)

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