Rocket Ships and Satellites

Just going to sneak on here for a quick minute to share a proud mom moment.  This past week my son send a small satellite that he and a team of other engineers have been working on for the past year.  Let's not forget he is a junior at University.  The satellite launched on a rocket leaving from New Zealand.  If New Zealand wasn't currently under lockdown he would have been at the launch.  He was thrilled nonetheless!  So proud of you son.  Other facts, yes, the satellite works!  They can hear it talking to them from space!  The satellite will be in space for the next 10 years. p.s. this is a little redemption for me as when he was little he was a bit of a handful.  Always getting into things. The comments from other parents at times were unbearable, but we knew our sweet boy, and we knew that he was extremely intelligent.  He just beat to a different drum.


Polly said…
WOW that's a great achievement.
junie-Jesh said…
That is awesome Kelleyn! Congrats to your son - that is some big accomplishment! Haha, it's always the intelligent ones who are harder to handle when they're young but it's great when they do good things with their smartness:):)
It's okay Kelleyn: A few weeks from now I'll probably in a better place - I will have accepted this is the way it is, or I have found a solution, lol.Hope you can find the solutions you need for your photo website! Have a great week, Jesh
betty-NZ said…
Wow! Those are some great bragging rights!

Here's the latest link I found, I wonder if it's the one with your son's satellite on it.

I'm happy to see you at 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking up.
EricaSta said…
Congratulation... wow!

Happy MosaicMonday
Angie said…
That's what a call a fabulous re-entry! Thanks for coming back to Mosaic Monday, and with such a terrific story. Well done to your son!

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