Chinese New Year

Hello!  I hope everyone is doing well.  It has been crazy busy around here!  My days just seem to fly by.  One would think that as the children are getting older that I would have more time on my hands, but it feels like the exact opposite with all their activities.  Yesterday, I spent the good majority of my day in the car either dropping kids off somewhere or picking them up.  Anyway, things are good around here.  All children are back in school and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Don't get me wrong, I adore my children, but if it's one thing that COVID has taught us is that my children are not homeschool children.  They need an in-school environment to thrive and motivate them.  I was just looking through my photos and realized that I didn't post the picture of my girls from Chinese New Year.  Sadly, Addy didn't want me to take a picture of her in her dress.  Our celebrations were a little more low-key this year since we didn't go down to Chinatown.  Instead, I invited the sweet sister-missionaries serving in our area over for dinner.  I made orange chicken, sticky rice, and beef broccoli.  I want Avery and Ivy to be proud of their heritage the way I am proud of being Irish and my husband is of being German.  Even though this recent shooting in Atlanta is not supposed to be a racially targeted shooting the increase of crimes against Asians this past year has made me sad. I never want my daughters to feel they need to be ashamed of being Chinese.  My girls are not viruses they didn't start Covid.  They are more than characters to be made fun of in movies.  They come from history as old as time that is smart and innovative.  Well, the weekend is almost upon us.  I hope you have a great weekend.  



Beautiful girls and post - you are blessed.
junie-Jesh said…
Yes, you're bringing up a point people here often don't think about, that the Chinese government is a whole other story than the Chinese people! Also, the church is strong there - more than a 150.000. I heard from a church leader who called a pastor there, who said, "We have never prayed so much in our lives as now, for America." That was comforting as well as bold, to me. Here they are, being persecuted so much themselves, praying for America.
Love your kids in the silk dresses - tell them they are very pretty:)
Thank you so much for linking up at Wednesday WOW.
The fact so many Germans immigrated to Texas speaks for itself. They were not for the Nazi regime. Am glad for what you said about Texas. I keep thinking, in California everything is prettier, and am not even mentioning the weather! But for now we have to be here. CA became too expensive, and the CA governor distressed me. Jesh
William Kendall said…
Good shot of the girls!
Barbara Rogers said…
The are lovely, and the choices of shoes just proves they are girls! (meaning they think for themselves!)
Maria said…

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