A Morning in the City

Hi!  How are you?  I hope you are having a lovely week.  It is raining here in Atlanta and I am snuggled in bed working on projects waiting before the children to come home from school. I am hoping the rain will stop for tomorrow's Trick or Treating!  I am being thrilled that one of the projects I was working on was our Christmas cards and they are finished.  Yahoo!  I also ordered a few presents and am working on converting my blog into books.  Anyway, last week I drove into the city.  It was such a beautiful day.  I spent the morning scouting spots for an upcoming photoshoot that I will be doing of my friends' daughter who is a senior this year in high school.  While in the city, I ate breakfast at a new restaurant called Pancake Social.  The food; especially, the pancakes were so good.  They were super light and fluffy.  Afterward, I went to the park and went for a walk.  Still, after 16 years of living here, I love this city.


Lee said…
Rain, glorious, rain...we need rain here. I love rain!

I hope the kids have a great Halloween! I've just come back from shopping at our local supermarket and half the staff are dressed in Halloween costumes...lots of good, innocent fun! (It's the 31st here as I type...here in Australia).
William Kendall said…
The pancakes look good.
italiafinlandia said…
Nice (and appetizing) views! ;)
Barbara Rogers said…
Happy Halloween...enjoy trick or treating with kids! Of course I want to see their costumes! We may still have rain here this evening, ugh! Glad to hear you're compiling your blogs into a book...what a great travelogue!
Jeanie said…
Happy Halloween! I hope you have a fun night.

Oh, I'd love to be in Atlanta -- there's the best exhibit in Atlanta now that I saw here in Michigan called Fashioning Art from Paper by Isabelle de Borchgrave. I would go to it again and again -- fabulous costumes from history, art and the ballet, as well as fashion -- TOTALLY crafted in paper! Sigh! If you're looking for a good exhibit, check it out! It looks like here in Michigan it will be a rainy Halloween -- and maybe even snow. I feel for the kids who have to cover up their cute costumes!
Wow, you are amazing, Kelleyn! Haven't even thought about Christmas yet! Am finally realizing that on the country side they don't adhere to Halloween. Nothing is visible on the yards/houses. The fires take up all the attention now. Don't worry, none of them are close. About 6 fires in the Los Angeles basin, and about the same amount in the rest of the state. Am losing track of the number! LOVE your capture of the tiles with the feet! Many thanks for keeping All Seasons up to date with your adventures:) Have a lovely weekend!

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