March-April 2019 Movie Reviews

After losing hope in what Hollywood deems a good movie, I was skeptical to watch Green Book. Green Book pleasantly surprised me.  What's the movie about?  A middle age man, not too fond of African Americans is hired to chauffeur a well-known musician on his concert tour.  More is gained than just a paycheck when he comes to truly see the issues faced by those who are African American.  The movie is heartbreaking and funny at the same time.

Excited to see this movie because I loved the original movie, Dumbo turned out to be a little too dark for my liking and my adoptive daughters.  The story-line was a little confusing at times. Was the story suppose to emphasize that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover and love and except everyone or we can endure hard things.  Not sure!  I will say that the actors did a fantastic job!  The cinemaphotography was wonderful, but I liked the first Dumbo better in this case.

Wanting something appropriate for my girls to watch on a rainy day, Wonder Park was a wonderful movie.  I wasn't expecting this movie to be so good.  A creative young girl finds herself lost when her mother is hospitalized.  She and her band of friends navigate their way to the other side and find hope. The movie while heavy at times delivers a positive message and could be used as a way to open discussion in those dealing with hard times and sickness.

Ladies in Black is set in 1950's Sydney, Australia and is a movie about 16-year-old Lisa Miles who wants to sit for University exams; however, Lisa's dad thinks that University is for others.  The movie is graced with the performance of Julia Ormand and is a sweet and tender coming of age movie.  If you are looking for a movie that is not a cookie cutter movie this is your movie.  

The Favorite is a do not watch movie!. I watched this movie thinking it would be funny and a great movie to see.  Loving the main character Olivia Munn, who did indeed receive an Academy Award for her performance, I was shocked by what unfolded in this movie. I should have done my homework.  The movie is set in early18th Century England and covers the life of a frail Queen Anne.  What could have been very funny took a turn to the Lesbian Lane?  Now don't get me wrong. I don't have any issue with what sexual orientation one may have, but in the case of this movie, I felt that it was added to bring in viewers.  Now, I could be wrong as I have no real knowledge of this Queen and her sexual preferences, but it just seemed a little too contrived. Sorry, not sorry! The only thing this movie had going for it was the cast.


William Kendall said…
I have not heard of Ladies In Black.
Sami said…
I also loved "Green book" and "Ladies in black".
Thanks for popping by my blog.
Annsterw said…
I have not seen any of these - thanks for the recommendation! Annster's Domain
The local library will host a viewing of Green Brook next month and I plan to see it there. I listened to a podcast all about the African-American postman who started this publication which was so useful to black travelers in the 1950s. I will look for Ladies in Black when it possibly comes to Netflix. It's not likely I will see any of the other films.
Jeanna said…
Ladies In Black sounds like the one to watch and I haven't heard of it. Will keep an eye out though. It's heartening you liked Green Book since it's faced so much backlash.
Angie said…
I absolutely loved The Green Book. We saw it before the Oscars, and I was delighted that it won and stunned by the criticism from some quarters. How can you say a true story is racist? It is what it is. I agree with you on The Favourite. I had high expectations for this movie due to Olivia Munn- I have seen her other work and loved it. Like you, I have no objections to sexual orientation, but I thought it was really overwrought for a very simple plot. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog!

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