Bring on Fall

I can't say it feels much like fall here in Georgia!  Yesterday it was 90 degrees but with the humidity, it felt way over 100 degrees.  We were sweating by the buckets loads.  My makeup literally ran right off my face.  I looked like a giant raccoon because of my mascara running.  I looked pretty silly until I was able to finally go into the restroom at the apple orchard and wash my face.  Silly me thinking I could wear makeup, living in Georgia for 15 years now I should have known better.  Yesterday after the girls got home from school we drove up to the mountains to go pick pumpkins and apples.  We skipped the hayride. Getting the photos was just about all we could do but we sure did enjoy a fresh glass of apple cider and a cinnamon doughnut.   The girls got a kick out of the new beagle puppies at the apple orchard.  They each got a large pumpkin and a small one.  They helped me pick out some new decorations for the front yard and Avery made me laugh by holding her nose just about the whole time we were at the apple orchard.  At this time of the year, many apples have fallen to the ground and they begin to rot making the orchard smell like vinegar.  We were sad Winston and Roman couldn't join us.  Winston had cross-country running practice and Roman was at the state fair with his Deca club.  Now that we have a large basket of apples we need to get busy using them  I think I will probably make some applesauce and take an apple cake to one of the woman at church who just had a baby.  Well, we have a busy weekend planned.  The girls have German school in the morning and then once I get home with them Winston and I are heading downtown to watch the Atlanta United Soccer team play.  I have seen any of their games yet.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Your trip to the orchard looks like a lot of fun (even if it was slightly stinky!) The girls are adorable! I'm sure it was a day they will remember for a long time. Great way to make memories!
LA Paylor said…
Oh my sweet tooth!!! Those girls are precious and the photo of the three of them?? award winning. I could write a fictional story with that as the prompt!
I wanted a white pumpkin but it wouldn't show up on our concrete entry
Cloudia said…
FABULOUS Series! I love your 3 graces <3
William Kendall said…
That's a lot of pumpkins!
Tom said…
...the posing trio! CUTE!!!
Lisa said…
Hello, my friend!! I'm back from vacation and catching up on all I've missed!! What fabulous pictures!! The girls are so beautiful!! I love all things fall and it looks like such a fun time!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts
Fun fun fun family day. The pumpkin pics are cute, but I especially love that William Tell picture with the apple on her head! Too cute.
Angie said…
You don't need any props; any picture with the girls is jaw-dropping gorgeous. But, I do love the pictures with the apples, from the one on the head to the open hands to plucking from the tree. You have talent, girl!
Yiu certainky had some colorfully clad and very lovely helpers with the apple picking and pumpkin gathering. Yikes though on that heat...where is fall?
Tanza Erlambang said…
waw...pumpkins....a lot of variety.
The one looks very big.
Great shots.
kid can doodle said…
I thought the image was of a mangosteen at first!
Sic transit gloria mundi nil
(Latin: so passes away the glory
of the world into nothin).
Kinda depressing?
Sorta morbid??
Not for those who have accepted Jesus...
God bless your indelible soul.

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