Sunday Afternoon" SundaySnapshot"

Hi!  How are you?  Did you have a nice weekend?  We had a pretty nice weekend!  Saturday morning we spent on the soccer field.  Sadly, Winston's team lost.  He has one more game this season and then he won't play again until February.  Later on in the day, I took the little boy's to see Free Birds.  Kind of a dumb moveoie, but that was what they wanted to see!  Harris went camping and returned around 5.  He and I went to see Enders Game at 8:30 p.m. and I was totally surprised at how fantastic the movie was because it is not my favorite genre.  Harris loved it too!  Frank was home when we got back from the movie.  He was in Boston these past couple of days working.  We missed him!   Now it is Sunday!  Half my family is home from church because they aren't feeling well.  Anyway, I found this recipe a while ago for Pad Thai!  It was so yummy and really simple to make!  Today, I am feeling grateful for adoption.  I can't believe in less than 2 months we will have Avery in our arms.  I am also grateful for all the wonderful families I have met along the way in this journey.  Did you know today is Orphan Sunday?  147 million children around the world are without homes. Isn't that crazy!  If you think adoption might be something for your family, then I encourage you to pray about it!  If you have any questions about adoption, I would be happy to answer them and if I can't then I know the people who can.  Have a great Sunday!
Ni Hao Yall


I hope everyone is feeling better! It breaks my heart to think of all the orphans out there I wish the process was easier and every child had a loving home .
Shauna said…
I can't wait for your baby girl to come. I'm so happy for you all and we continue to keep you in our prayers. Love,

Shauna xxoxoxo
Francesca said…
i made something very similar last night (shh, don't tell my neighbors i use spaghetti for thai style dishes!). hope you're all well now!
tinajo said…
I´m very excited for you! :-)
Unknown said…
Can't wait to see Enders Game!! And that food looks really yummy!

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