It's November!

The candy is sorted and plenty consumed.
It's November!
Can you believer it!  I can't!!!
Thansgiving is around he corner and then comes Christmas.
Before I know it I will be in China!
But for now it is fall!
Fall is even better when you are eating pumpkin coffee cake.


Leggio said…
Yummy that looks so good, and I may have to make that this week. I have beem eating anything chocolate lately. This time of year is so bad for me. No will power. How is the adoption process going???? We are filing for our
I800A hopefully today or tomorrow. Waiting for the mail lady to have my home study. LOL Blessings and Love from Texas
I know it's all coming so fast! Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!
Unknown said…
I can't believe it's November either!
tinajo said…
It´s amazing how fast it has become winter - because at least here in Sweden, November is a winter month. I look forward to December more than November though, I always find November a bit boring. :-)
April said…
November is always the revving up of the crazy busy holiday season for us! Thanks for sharing that recipe, can't wait to try it out :)

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