Lake Lanier

It was a good day! We spent the day at Lake Lanier Water Park. The boys had a blast! The boys didn't sit down for the 7 hours we were there. They went on slide after slide. I had to laugh when Harris said to me, "Mom the music they are playing is so cool. I love the song Eye of a Tiger and Living on a Prayer." If he only new those were the songs I listened to when I was in middle school.


Unknown said…
Oh my goodness. That looks like SUCH a fun place to visit. LOVE these pictures. Fabulous day. Perfect for summer!
The kids are going to look back on this sort of thing and think you are the COOLEST! Glad you all had a great time.

Our boys have been busy like you wouldn't believe with scouts this summer.
Silver Strands said…
Holy Schmoly~ That place looks amazing!
Frogmum said…
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Hope that helps and is clear enough to follow :D

What a fun time!!! Memories that will last a lifetime :-D
Gina Johnson said…
This place looks fabulous and I LOVE your kids taste in music! I remember doing a cheerleading routine in 8th grade to "The Eye of the Tiger". Hilarious!
Laura said…
Ah, summer! Looks wonderful, especially because it's raining here today. :-(

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