June movie reviews

I have seen many movies over the last couple of weeks, but the movie that has made the biggest impression on me is a movie that is out on DVD called Remember Me. I was a little skeptical about this movie and didn't think it was going to be good. The movie still lingers in my mind while others could have been skipped such as Iron Man 2. Iron Man 2 may have been liked by my 11 year old son had I let he see it, but it is just not my type of movie. We did go see Karate Kid and my boys loved it; however, I am not sure I would let little ones see this movie. The movie was a lot more violent then the original version. The scenery was worth going for if anything else and the heroine was adorable. I would like to see her in more movies. Toy Story 3 was a big winner with all the family members. What is not to like about this movie? I was pleasantly surprised by Knight and Day. I generally do not like these types of films, but Tom and Cameron make a good match. I love their wit. While the action scenes were somewhat over the top they weren't excessive. Definitely worth seeing. Nana took the boys to see The Last Airbender. She said they movie was made for children. The boys loved it. The digital mastery was fantastic. Last but not least, I have to admit I went to see Eclipse. This movie was my favorite of all three. Finally they got it right! Have you seen any good movies worth seeing? I heard The Killers was worth waiting and seeing on DVD. Doesn't look like there will be any other good films this summer except Love, Eat, Pray which comes out in August. I can't wait.


Unknown said…
Thanks for this review, I can't believe you've seen all these movies! I want to see Knight & Day, and Remember Me. I felt like you about Eclipse. YES! Can't wait to see the next one ;)
Oh, I;m dying to see Eat, Pray, Love, too. Read the book and loved it!!
Cindy said…
thank you for the movie reviews!
I have been disappointed by the movies coming out lately. I am in need of a real edge of your seat thriller, and none are hitting the mark.

I actually plan to see this one I am a big Patterson fan.

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