Count your Blessings

Count your Blessings is one of my favorite hymns at church. Do you count your many blessing and name them one by one? I find that when I count my blessings and look at the cup 1/2 full I am much happier. It would be so easy to look at life from the other side with a 1/2 empty cup and sink into the never ending pity party pit. I know that this would not be what my Heavenly Father would want for me. He wants us to be happy. It is only Satin who lies to us and tells us that we would only be happier if we had more, or if a situation would be different. There will always be people out there who have more money, bigger houses, nicer cars, prettier hair, skinner bodies, better talents, the list goes on. I think age has taught me at least one thing, and that is no one really cares except me/you. Let me explain, When I got married I was so proud of my wedding ring. It was/is really beautiful. I knew that my ring had more stones than other women's', and while initially people made comments on it's beauty the comments have stopped. Really no one cares! Personally, I am glad they don't care either, and those who do really should get a life. There are just more important things out there to be concerned with than how many stones and the size of the stone. Another lesson I have learned is that life is fragile. We don't have time to waste. We need to live life to the fullest as if each and every minute could be our last. While I can list more than a hundred things to be grateful for, I think I will just list the top five because they are the most important.
1. I think it goes without saying my family. My sweet husband who is a wonderful father, and works so hard to provide for us. Our children Harris, Winston, and Roman who are patient with me as I learn how to be a mom. My parents who are always there for me.
2. My testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ who through his sacrifice allows me to make mistakes and repent. His gospel and never ending love. The opportunity to pray and search the scriptures in times of need.
3. The opportunity to live in a country that allows me to worship how I may, and be treated as an equal.
4. I am grateful for medical advancements that allow me to have my son Roman. Think about it just a little over 60 years ago the doctors could not do anything for him. He would have died most likely by his 3 months of age.
5. I am grateful for chocolate. It brings me a little piece of joy each day. It might be trivial, but it makes me happy.


Kelly said…
You have to be thankful for chocolate.
Nadja said…
If chocolate hadn't been invented, life would be senseless :-)

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