OK, it isn't really that spectacular news, but I just wanted to write that my 21-month-old baby has gone potty in the toilet 2 times. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a good trend. Given that the other two didn't potty train until they were three. It would be nice to have something be a piece of cake for him. He isn't talking much. This worries me a little. He has about 3 to 4 words if you want to count them as words. He says mama, papa, baba, and more. He also signs more and eats. He shakes his head for no. He also has started doing this really cute thing before he eats which is saying his own prayer. He folds his arms, bows his head, and mumbles a prayer. You can't understand anything he is saying. I am sure Heavenly Father understands. I am going to try to get this on video. I also got my camera back today. Yeah!


Nadja said…
Congratulations to Roman!! He somehow must have known that exactly on that day was the "World Toilet Day"! No kidding!

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